Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Old 1370

The farmer who retired from this place had a 1370 Case tractor. It was a big tractor in its day.

His son Les bought it from him and it was the first tractor he ever owned.

After we bought the farm it pretty much stayed here until last night.

This week it got prettied up and shown off at the county fair.

It showed itself off. It went 402 feet in the 12,500 Farm Stock class against some pretty good tractors. 402 is a floating finish 300 foot track. 310 is a full pull now at NTPA tractor pulls.

Marty Quigley had a dolled up 1070 Case there that ran really well. I didn't even know Marty had one.

The Stahl's brought a bunch of red ones from Clermont County. Someone had a real sharp 1206, probably prettier than new.

The local Case mechanic brought out a rusty hooded 1370 that everyone knows runs hard and it did.

Lots of Deeres but not one Allis Chalmers.

Main thing everyone had lots of fun. Best county fair I have been to in years, especially in Wilmington. Last year was miserable because we learned that Airborne was closing down and DHL was leaving.

What a difference a year makes.


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