Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Caoilin's Here

Round face, 8 lbs, long piano fingers, 21 inches long, healthy baby.

Becky did well and she is so happy. My hat's off to these young women, three grandchildren and a grand nephew in one year!

Nine months is a pretty long time in these days and the girls get all the credit.

Papaw is very happy.

Caoilin, Tyler, Claire and Joshua, what a crew. Seven within 6 years of age.

See you later or as Brynn says, C YA.

I need to go see her and her sister soon. They are all precious.



  1. Congrats cuz on the newest one. Tell Becky I said to enjoy her happy little bundle. Your Cuz Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie. They are all precious!

    That little Liam, her big brother, when he says papaw, how many tractors are in your barn?

    Obvious answer is I don't know Liam, let's go see!

    God Bless, cousin