Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whew, What A Day!

It was a good day but a long day. I left the house before seven to attend the annual Ohio Seed Improvement training session. Over 25 scouts showed up from all over Ohio and my friend Bob Miller was recognized for 50 years of scouting! That is quite a record. This is my 28th so I have awhile to go to catch him!

We learned that Ohio has the lowest amount of seed wheat acres in history although it is expected to rise this fall if better planting weather persists. That never happened last fall with Ohio planting only about a half million acres instead of the nearly one million acres annually. I see my neighbor taking off 50 acres of wheatlage to feed his dairy herd so the acres keep going down. I did see the weaker stands killed and planted to corn or soybeans.

Sunburst is the number one Ohio Certified wheat variety in acreage this year. It is a new variety used north of Columbus. I have not seen it in my area. My area is Ohio Certified Malabar or a Pioneer or other company variety, what little there is.

I had lunch with a scout from Defiance County and he said it was so dry there the planted soybeans would not emerge. We changed and went a friends wedding at 3 and heard the same thing. They are from nearby Williams County. It was a beautiful wedding in the Trinity Episcopal Church on Broad Street in downtown Columbus. The carvings and stained glass in that church really caught my eye.

Then we we changed and went Tyler's big third birthday Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party nearby. All the little ones were having a great time playing and never even paid attention to the adults sitting around talking and watching. I love it when that happens.

Soon it was time to change again and go to the wedding reception at the Venue, formerly Smith's Hardware, on North Fourth in Columbus. They had a Latin American food them on one end of the hall and an Asian theme on the other. I tried a little of just about every dish and it all was very good.

It was good to see our friends from northwest Ohio. When our friend Allen made his toast, he quoted what he and I had talked about when we first met in Ohio State LEAD Class IV. I always say "kids are the best crop we will ever grow and tend." He remembered after all those years.

I saw lots of planters running all the way up and all the way home. A few fields of corn are knee high in Ohio but most is small or just being planted.

It was a good day but a very tiring day. We couldn't have worked one more thing into our schedule. Three events on one day is a little much for us, folks!



  1. It was a great day, Ralph. I just didn't have time to write yesterday and typed that in on the Xyboard before I crashed into bed.