Thursday, May 17, 2012

Out of Sync

I feel out of sync with Mother Nature. I have to replant some corn because the day I planted wasn't a good day and I should have stayed out of the field. I planted into soil barely warm and dry enough to plant right before two weeks of cold, wet weather. I am not alone. Many farmers were out of sync with her, too.

When you drive and scout our area, you find a handful of fields with good stands and a bunch with questionable stands. Some fields "are going backwards" in this cool weather and a few are not.

The crop insurance adjustor said replant it, the seed agronomist did too though he came up with higher counts. More had emerged in the few days between. The seed that didn't sprout looks mummified. It isn't really rotten, the few dead seeds won't sprout and most of it has a tiny white root trying to emerge from the kernal.

I did verify that the Poncho treated corn stayed protected a little better than the Cruiser Maxx. They are sister neonicotinoid insecticides mixed with sister asoxystrobin fungicides. Cruiser is more water soluble than Poncho so Poncho stays more intact with heavy rains and Cruiser takes less moisture to work in dry soil.

At least I am not like two of my friends replanting 1000 and 1500 acres each. Replanting today is worse than planting late. It is starting over a month later and replant insruance doesn't cover all the costs and hassle of replanting.

These things can cause resentment. I just detest being out of sync with anything or anybody. "Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others are just two currents in the same river. When the dam of resentment is lifted, both currents can flow." I can't tell you how many times I have seen that this week!

Reading that made me wonder how many people are hindered by resentment and the lack of forgiveness? Resentment seems to eat up some people and some cultures. Some cultures are full of resentment and ours seems to be more hedonistic. I will never forget one friend looking at the first plane flying into the World Trade Center and saying, "boy have we ever upset Islam!" That proved to be very true, at least for the vengeful side of Islam.

So I will try to get back in sync with nature so I can take the next lumps of coal she throws so I can make some nice warm heat of it. If I can stay calm and do the right thing, I will hear God's great advice to me from the mouths of other people.

I can't believe I forgot to blog yesterday! I got so busy the whole day just passed me by, but we did get to see Brynn's pre-school graduation. We didn't get to wish Tyler Happy third birthday in person yesterday but we will on Saturday.

Things are a little busy, down on the farm!



  1. Missed you yesterday.
    Thanks for your insight and allowing us to benefit from it. I seem to always come away with more knowledge than I arrived with.
    Wish I could have been in some of your classes, back in the day.

  2. That is one of the few I have missed in over 3 years. I just got lost in the day and kept thinking of topics but never stopped to type any in.

    That's a nice compliment, and thank you. Just a teacher, just a farmer, just husband, dad and grandpa and usually love how it keeps me busy.

    When I look at my deleted email and cell phone list the next morning, I wonder how in the world I did it all and got anything done!