Friday, May 18, 2012

So Many Questions

Farmers have so many questions this week. Those who have planted are fighting weeds and insects and replant decisions. Those who haven't probably have just as many questions.

What is the weather going to be like the rest of the year? Wouldn't we all like to know! It sounds like the popular Dave Murray in St. Louis and our local guy, Steve Horstmeyer in Cincinnati thinks we are going to have rain all summer. That greatly affects replant decisions today, because the replant this date two years ago didn't make much. It quit raining here after July 17.

How much do we bank on these guys? They aren't the highest paid people on TV. Many of them were teachers or are trained to be and salaries aren't that different from teachers. Long range forecasting is so improbable they turn out to be just personalities you like or don't like and it's hard to bank the farm on that.

Then we get down to agronomy. How well do you know your agronomy? Who do you turn to? The best minds I rely on talk to others like me and we try to assess each situation before lumping most problems in a group. Around here, you have a good corn or soybean stand or you don't, and what do you do about it?

Each problem is unique with all of the products and programs farmers are using. Two kinds of GMO seed and non GMO make three unique programs with all kinds of variations inbetween. No wonder I didn't chose to be in the seed business.

I wish I was a little younger or had better "wheels." Walking rough fields takes a toll on my legs quickly. 4 wheelers make it easy but hauling them from one farm to another is no easy deal, either. I could have a larger company and more eyes to scout but that costs money too and you end up managing a work force more than you do the crops. I decided against that too after the boys went to college.

The farmers north of here are finishing up and south of here are just starting. This is going to be one busy upcoming week for sure with warm temperatures and less chance of rain than early May.

I hope this finds you well and not too many questions. That makes for less sleep or quality of it and we really need to be rested for the work and questions ahead.


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