Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Storm No Storm

We had a big storm just east of us in Highland County last night. We haven't gotten a drop here so far. It looks like it could be a "storm, no storm" summer again. Who knows, the weathermen and climatologists can't agree if it is going to be a hot one after record January and March temperatures or a dry one after a year of record rain. No doubt it is going to be drier here than it was last year.

I see lots of farmers in the I states finishing up. Planting is at a harried pace here with lots of April corn to be spotted in yet and soybean planting rushing past the halfway mark. That mean spray schedules are all over the place but lots of spraying and scouting needs to be done.

The cool breeze was so nice last night we slept and slept and slept. It was hard to get up this morning, grandma and granpa are feeling their busy weekend and Monday. It's all good and we just keep thanking our blessings.

Today our youngest is 28 and our oldest will be 35 this fall. That's a real blessing and we are feeling the wear that got here! That's all good, too.

Others are not so fortunate. I saw a thread on suicide in the cafe. It's a deep and serious question why anyone would do that and what happens to their soul when they do. I am sure we all have our own feelings about it but those closest to a suicide definitely have a more experienced view than those who never have.

Terry Taylor posted his corn pictures planted into killed cover crop. I hope mine look half that good in a month. He has a field day at his farm in August and I just got invited to the second annual meeting at the Rulon's on August 21. That is another child's birthday, and she will be the big 3-0!

It looks like rain as I close this and I hope we get a little but not like the link in my opening sentence. Have a good day and keep posting comments and sending email for topics and discussions.


Ed Winkle

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