Sunday, May 6, 2012


The "southern tier" is really wet now. Seems like I have used this title before, WET. I couldn't find a blog of mine titled Wet. Can you? If you do a Google search, I sure use the word wet in my blog many times!

The ground is saturated, so it's a good time to plant trees and shrubs. We are planting some more to fill in. We made a trip to Dublin, Ohio yesterday and the fields were soaked all the way up the Interstate. The storms have followed the normal path up I-71 and more. The eastern region is pretty wet. Corn that is up is a little yellow but looks good. The older and more nitrogen it has the greener it is, of course. Just a handful of soybeans are poking up now. It's a long way to go to finish planting and it well may be June again, who knows!

Shannon just finished the Flying Pig Marathon. She did pretty well for hardly being able to walk a month ago. She and I go to the same Chiropractor, Dr. John Albino at Total Health Chiropractic and her hips were out of balance and he got her healed enough to run again.

We had first communion for the second graders at St. Patrick's this morning. Six little boys and seven little girls had their first communion. I pray for the little ones and hope they always value what happened this morning.

The good news is Madison is ready for her first communion. Her instructors said she is full of the Holy Spirit so she doesn't have to wait a year for her first. She truly is full of the spirit and is such a blessing to everyone around her.

Did you see the "super moon" last night? It was big and beautiful but I think it has looked closer here before last night.

I saw a new procedure for aching backs that need surgery on CBS Sunday Morning. I wonder if that could help people I know? There are 3 times more back surgeries each year in this country than heart by-passes!

If you go to that link, you will see one near it on Axis Sally. I had heard of her English transmissions to the United States from Nazi Germany years ago but had forgotten about them.

For my airplane enthusiast readers, here's a link to a German Radio Controlled plane that is really cool! I think R/C planes will find their way into more and more agricultural uses.

Our garden is officially a mess again. I guess I shouldn't try to garden? I don't take care of it. It is infested with weeds and every time I have time to weed it's too wet to walk on. That same thing has become a recurring proposition the last few years of our gardening. Everytime it is dry enough to work I am off doing something else. It's a little frustrating and very embarrassing.

The first peonies have bloomed and already taken a beating by Mother Nature. Here's hoping your fields and gardens look better than ours,

Ed Winkle


  1. My garden is the only piece of ground I have worked this spring. Too wet in the fields even now. The potatos I planted a month early have not come up yet. Rain again all this weekend. Re-run of last year it seems.

  2. Ralph, I sure hope you get to do something soon! The idea of having everything planted here by May 5 has become a rare occurence. I saw pictures of tall corn in Illinois this morning and wanted to drool but decided I was quite happy with what I have! The Northwest sure has had some challenges the last few springs.