Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear Mom,

Thanks for bringing me into this world so I can "pass it on." Thanks for feeding me, clothing me, patching up my scratches, bumps and bruises. Thanks for sending me to church. I learned a whole bunch there and that has carried me into grandpahood. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.

Thanks for sending me to school and demanding I be the very best student I could be. That taught me how to learn, get a job and how to make money so I could provide for myself and my family. That also has "done me well" over the years.

This sounds funny, but thanks for taking me to the dentist. I have went every year or so most of my life and I have a good set of teeth! That is key to my health to chew my food so I can do all those other good things. That is also key to my longevity.

I do miss your cooking though. You really learned how to cook. Your macoroni, chili, salads, and that pounded fried steak you made is something I can't find just anywhere. Some come close, but aren't quite as good!

I didn't care for those stewed tomatoes we had with those foods. In fact I got quite sick of eating them but I see now we were really blessed to learn to live from our garden we all worked in. It was really good for me and taught me a lot of great things. I still eat lots of tomatoes to this day.

Your pies and cinnamon rolls are sorely missed. I don't need them in my older years but I sure miss them sometimes. Remember when you showed up the ladies at church and won all of those ribbons for your baking at the county fair?

Thanks for insisting we all get a college education. You should be proud that tenant farmers helped all their children graduate with a college degree that means something to this day. That helped us get our kids oriented to a world of work and learn and they will pass it on to theirs.

We all learned to work hard and no one has ever accused any of us for being lazy for very long. It is amazing what I have been able to do in my life, let alone my brother and sister and all our kids. Everyone has chores to do whether it is tending to animals or the house they live in.

Thanks for not taking me out of this world even though "you brought me in" to it. You clobbered me good sometimes and I deserved it and a lot of other times you didn't. I learned respect of discipline at an early age.

So here's to you mom, on Mother's Day. I hope you have a real good day and are proud of your three kids,eight grandkids and all those wonderful great grandchildren.

Today's picture is your mother, grandma Carrington holding a cousin.

Your son,