Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Sleep

I am a very curious person who likes to understand what makes things works and how things tick. I spent my first 21 years studying and working, 31 years working and learning and the last 10 years traveling and observing. Through all those years I was never a steady sleeper. Any project, stress or distraction would wake me up. It took me 60 years to learn how to sleep all night.

I have slept 8 houts a night or more for the last 14 months. That amazes me. Maybe I finally got to a point in my life where there was more security than upheaval but we did simple things to sleep better.

The big thing for me is my routine. I always knew I was sunrise to sunset person but I didn't always live that way. Having a set routine or "ritual" is key to my good sleep. I wake up when the sun rises and I get sleepy when the sun sets so I just encourage that a little by eating 3 meals a day around 8, noon and five or six. I keep busy in the hours inbetween.

The bed has become key to my sleep. We found Hampton Inn's by Hilton 10 years ago. I have never slept at a Hilton that didn't have a good bed without good sheets, covers and pillows. Our bodies just "melt into" those coverings. The room is dark and the room is cool. We go to sleep listening to the news or weather or not at all. LuAnn is a reader, I am a thinker so she reads a little and I try to go over my gratitudes for the day. The next thing you know it is 8 hours later and we wake up pretty refreshed.

That last statement about gratitudes gives you a hint of my spiritual program. I finally faced the idea that I only have so many days on this earth and I am going to do my best and leave the rest to whoever is in charge of this universe. That person I call God and I have accepted the teachings of the church, the universal church called Catholic. I know I have a soul and I want it to be at peace when my days here are over.

So my spiritual program is THE key to this whole thing about sleep. I know who I am and I know what I have to do. I think a lot of people do not. Like me, they struggled their whole life and may still struggle or unlike me they figured this out a long time ago.

I can't tell you how good it is to be at peace and be able to sleep all night. I am "out of sorts" if I don't do this. The very best thing I can do for you is share this with you and hope you have found it or find it soon.

Life is so much easier this way.


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