Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Prayer

This is our National Day of Prayer.

"National Day of Prayer Observance: Thursday, May 3, 2012
Aimee Herd (May 3, 2012)
"America is desperately in need of a spiritual renewal; may it start with us." -Dr. David Jeremiah

Every year the National Day of Prayer is important. However, it seems lately, like the need for prayer in and for America is becoming urgent.

In a promotional video, Dr. David Jeremiah, Honorary Chairman for this year's National Day of Prayer Task Force, notes that the theme for this year-"One nation under God"-comes directly from Psalm 33:12 which says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

He adds that especially in this time in which we live, our hope as individuals and as a nation "can only be found in Almighty God. America is desperately in need of a spiritual renewal; may it start with us."

If you cannot attend a prayer meeting in person on Thursday, May 3rd, there is another option; the National Day of Prayer 2012 Observance will be broadcast live from 9am to 12pm ET from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC."

As a good friend says when I share my prayer list, "Lord, hear our prayers."

We are waterlogged and everything is at a standstill so we are trying to get all of the equipment ready for the final push. Most of the fields in my neighborhood remain pretty much untouched. There is everything from wheat in head to corn with 4 leaves within miles of here to basically nothing done. I haven't rowed a field of beans anywhere yet though I hear there are some if you travel far enough.

I found some great pictures of the making of the M Farmall, "the tractor that changed the world," or something like that, according to my NAT friend Mark Schlagel near Greens Fork, Indiana.

John Deere changed America forever with the steel plow but Charles Oliver refined that. Oliver also saw the need for live PTO and 6 cylinders long before most people did. At least the plow unleashed the power of the prairies but set up the need for Soil and Water Conservation and a whole host of programs to repair the damage of the plow!

Somehow, I just knew the Chen case in China would turn out this way.

Oh well, all I can do is pray anyway.



  1. Too bad the NDP emanates from or is sponsored by the hateful extremist right-wing Focus on the Family.
    I lost all respect for these promoters of corporal punishment, creationism, and deniers of gay and women rights long ago.

    Ah, now I feel better... ^-^

  2. You have your right to your view and we have our right to ours. May majority rule!