Friday, May 11, 2012


Today's post was going to be Murphy. Murphy has been hitting us hard in southwest Ohio. We have had a beautiful spring but our best weather was two weeks in March. Then it got cold and wet and five inches of pounding, cold rain in one week.

One day I was scouting one of our fields and found a brand new Kubota stuck in the drainage ditch inside a tile blowout. Someone had broken into the machinery shed on that farm, cleaned out the former owner's tools and new 16 foot trailer and stuck the tractor trying to take it to the road to laod it onto the trailer. The theif was right, it is 4WD but it has little tires too that fell right into that big hole.

Yesterday I noticed on one bill I was billed for a corn herbicide I never saw in my stash. We have looked all over and no one knows where that case of herbicide disappeared to. It's worth over $2000.

I went to plug in something and the fire flew so the electrician is going over the wiring. Thank God for Jim, he has kept this farm going the last five years. There are about 100 other things like that so you can see why I was going to title this blog Murphy.

Then I got an email from a young farmer we met while traveling through Oregon in 2010 and that all went away. He made my day. His name is Orin and he had to show me the post he made on NewAgTalk.

On that trip we met BuddESheperd at The Lazy Farmer, Orin, and one of the best radish growers I know, Garth Mulkey. This all happened within a few days, thanks to NewAgTalk, the National NoTill Conference and email.

Orin grows fescue for the Oregon Ryegrass Commission, Christmas trees and anything to turn a profit on his Bellfountain farm. I won't forget the surprise cookout we had on their lawn with his wife, then little boy and his dad. It was great fun to meet farmers like that you read about on NewAgTalk.

So thank you Orin for replacing Murphy today, the Good Lord speaks to me through other people.

You did just that.

Ed Winkle


  1. Well, shucks Ed....Glad to help out in whatever small way I could. Sorry to hear about your run of troubles. Hopefully it turns for the better soon!

  2. You are one of our many friends we wish were neighbors. Golly, we have met them all over this world!

    Wish you the best on your purchase and finding a good home for those beloved, well paid for Massey's. Still remember picking parts in the MF Warehouse on Kinnear Road in Columbus as a college student!

    Me, well I just have to keep taking the lemons and squeezing the lemonade out of them! Too bad I lose my grip some days, literally. Arthritis is no fun!

    My doctor says "you are in pretty good shape except you wore out every joint in your body!"