Thursday, May 31, 2012

Survey, Call, Protest!

Did any of you farmers get this survey by email? I completed it and wondered what you thought about it. It's from a non profit called Protect Ag Futures.

I got another email I am responding to because I believe in the cause. "Time is running out to prevent the EPA's regulatory onslaught, which is poised to drive up energy costs; destroying American jobs in pursuit of a radical environmentalist agenda.

The EPA's reckless "Utility MACT" regulation threatens Ohio's electricity grid with double-digit cost increases, and will kill jobs across the state with higher energy prices for all Americans.

The good news is that this EPA train wreck can be stopped" I am calling each Senator about this impact on my electricity bill because I don't believe we can afford a "better way" right now when we are so cash strapped, I mean BROKE.

Now this next one may have some scientific effect and may not. A farmer posted this on Crop Talk, and my first thought was, "this is just another old wives tale." Then I read some links and maybe it does have some merit although I don't see how the cost outweighs the benefit.

"Has anyone seen changes in the weather that could be due to windmills?

We were sort of joking around about it at work one day but the more I look at it the windmills really seem to be stopping the rain right to the east of them.

There is a new windmill farm about 30 miles west of us right now and every time a storm moves across it the clouds seem to break up (but not to the north or south of it) and then seems to form back up about 60 east of them.

Shot in the dark maybe but I was curious if anyone else has seen this trend as well."

The replies are interesting, you ought to read them if you get time. Some of us have more time than others, I understand.

I hope I didn't just kill a field of corn. I sprayed Capreno and Status on it trying to control the foxtail and the vines. It was spread with hog manure every chance the farmer had years ago and it sure grows good weeds. The corn is pretty sickly looking to start with so it was let the weeds take it or spend money and take the risk of doing the job for them!

I did get to meet the new Bayer rep though in the deal, he is Carl Hamman's son and I was at Carl's field day last August and wrote about it here. Looks to me like Bayer added another good young person to a field of good people.



  1. Why would anyone be against MACT? Do you like mercury, arsenic, selenium, cyanide and the rest in your air and your kids'?

    Over half the coal plants are already compliant with this level of reduced emissions of pollutants, "clean coal" is now a proven technology, I doubt it will generate a double-digit cost increase all of a sudden, I'd like to see the data for that.

    Besides, I think the debate is irrelevant, these coal plants are dinosaurs scheduled for take down soon, MACT or no MACT. Hopefully they'll get replaced by cheap and even cleaner natural gas plants.

    There is just too much subjective passion and prejudice in the current political and religious issues that are being debated publicly.

  2. It's simple, it requires more investment than we have money right now. That has been going on a long time Chimel and we don't have the money to do it right now. Yes, every stack should be scrubbed with high calcium lime and all that gypsum should be spread on our soil.

    Our air and much cleaner now than it was just a few years ago. People are hurting and we cannot stand 30 cents per KWH when we are barely paying 7-12 cent bills now. You don't see the whole picture.

    Let Washington get their books balanced and then we will talk about theoretically ideal clean air.

    Ed Winkle