Sunday, September 18, 2011

Young Blood

Yesterday LuAnn and Sable and I went to the big Extravaganza Antique Sale at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio. We let LuAnn go shop and snuck down the road to peek at the machinery at the Farm Science Review!

Wow! Farmers fantasy and bankers nightmare! That is what I thought when I saw the millions of dolars worth of new machinery line up and down the streets of Corn and Soybeans and the Avenues of Friday and Wheat! More on that this week.

After a few hours I thought we better head back for the fairgrounds to pick LuAnn up and Matt called and offered to pick me up to go the Enderle pull at Urbana with him and Corbin.

I couldn't turn down the offer to visit with my younger blood" so we got to the Champaign County Fairgrounds just in time for the first hook. It wasn't long before one of our favorite tractors, the real Young Blood pulling team hooked in the Grand National Super Stock Enderle Pull Offs and made a pass like he has for five years in a row and won the class.

The Shramek family farms around the Williamsburg, Missouri area and has built the first non red or green super stock that wins. That is quite an accomplishment and honor. We love to see innovative farmers do good with different ideas on different machines than mainstream farmers use.

Many of us had to dare to be different to exist. That's the only way I know because I never had the money to buy much new at retail price. Everything has to be a bargain!

It's worked out well for me and many and our young blood ideas are passed on to our new blood so they can have a start and try to carry on the tradition. Starting farming from scratch today is near impossible so Mission Impossible would be a good name for a new pulling tractor or a new farm or business.

I got to thinking, I watched almost every one of those "old" pullers start and remember their first pull when they had no name!

Wow, that can make your blood feel old!

Special thanks goes to the Lustik Family of Silver Bullet fame for the team hat for Corbin, whom they know at first sight on a first name basis! I told them I remember taking Corbin's dad to watch Rich pull the Super Steeler 30 years ago.


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