Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's a beautiful Sunday morning after a nice Saturday. It was so beautiful the Apple Fest nearly shut down the town of Lebanon. The Amish were making fresh pretzels and the line was backed up a block for them.

The beans need every degree of heat they can to maximize their size. I can clearly see what I have done this year and in the past to make them as beautiful as they are. I know what I need to do this fall, too, if I can get it all done. It will be what it will be.

One friend said he could easily tackle 1000 acres of corn with a one row picker in the past but in our present years we doubt what we can get done. We have to keep the faith and work in God's time. It will all work out in the end, one day at a time. Yes, I am speaking to you but especially myself.

CBS had a piece on Rin Tin Tin, the famous German Shephard who was on TV when I was a child. We think Sable is from very similar bloodlines as she acts like he does in the movies.

The word is harvest is moving very slowly out west with no lines at the elevator yet. I don't know what we will run into but we are prepared as we can be for when that day comes.

Our Gospel readings were from Phillipians 2:1 and Matthew today about the son who said NO to his father and went and did the work anyway. The second son said yes, sure, and never did it.

Which are we?

Have a great day and week,

Ed Winkle

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