Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last night I had a new pork dish for dinner, new to me at least. It was pork medallions wrapped in bacon, grilled to perfection. The pork was a tad pink inside which is a no no the way I was raised but it had the most delicious flavor you can imagine. Then I dipped it in the barbeque sauce provided and wow, it made it even better!

I had LuAnn dipped her grilled chicken in that sauce and she agreed, it was one of the best we ever tasted. Maybe even better than our favorite at Werner's Pork House near Washington Court House! I will find out what that sauce is and get some to my friend near Filley, Nebraska who is a pork specialist.

LuAnn also got a cup of baked potato soup which would make a meal by itself with bread. I will share the recipe with you when I get time. We are going to make a pot the first chance we get to cook when the cold weather sets in. It had Colby cheese in with the cream, little red potatoes that tasted baked, bacon, green onions, celery and a big yellow onion chopped so fine you could barely see it.

I also had one of the best fish sandwiches at Werners this week you ever tasted and one night he cooked me an 8 ounce sirloin steak to perfection.

With my subject of pork today I could go into a rampage about pork spending and a whole rash of subjects related to pork but today we are resting and enjoying life and food.

We are eating well down on the farm.

How about you?


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