Sunday, September 11, 2011


Are you tired of the coverage of 9/11 or can you not get enough of it?

The coverage started last week and really ramped up Friday so I didn't watch much. It's been too nice to be indoors and we will all be stuck there soon enough.

What interests me the most is all of the great things that have happened to people near those lost since that tragic day.

It's proper to honor this day that changed the world, especially in the United States. I am not sure if it should be named a National Holiday like some suggest but it did earn recognition of those who died that day and to all of those who have died in the war on terrorism since that day.

The local paper invited local response so I sent in my thoughts about that day and a picture of the Shanksville site LuAnn and I visited this summer.

A couple we know got married yesterday. Robert said he wanted it on 9/10/11 so he could always remember it. LuAnn said what are you going to do on 9/10/12 and the following years? They like to tease each other.

It was a beautiful evening for an on farm wedding. The place was beautiful and so were the people involved. The sons drove the guests on 4 seater golf carts to the courtyard where the wedding was held. The food and fellowship was wonderful and it really turned out great. It couldn't happen to two better people, either. It reminded us of our wedding day ten years ago.

Whether it was 9/10 or 9/11, it was an important, life changing day for someone.

Have a great week and a special thanks to those of you who have read all 1,000 blogs. Thanks for following me through the ups and downs of life.


Ed Winkle

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