Thursday, September 15, 2011


The winds of change are blowing, figuratively and literally. That big cold front is on our front porch step and it's cooled 30 degrees in 24 hours. The good thing is crops still keep growing at 50 degrees because growing degree days are figured from a high of 86 and a low of 50.

I wonder if that should be changed? Can these new genetics still grow above 86? They act like they do to me, I never saw crops grow so fast in 90 degree weather in June.

This morning we got to see change in our lives. Madison is 8 now and doing things in the third grade we never did 50 years ago. I told the principal I started teaching here 40 years ago and ten years ago I was on the board when we hired him. We both just shook our heads in amazement.

Putman is the Elemeantary many of us dreamed of. Nine straight Excellent Ratings and just won the US Blue Ribbon School award that goes to one tenth of one percent of the schools! Way to go, Todd and Staff and everyone who made this school what it is. No wonder the high school has the largest freshman class in history with disgruntled Wilmington parents sending their children to "Blan."

40 years ago it wasn't that way. Blan was the dumping ground of the county sitting on a 4 county line but I saw that as an advantage and sure enough, it has worked out in that favor.

The hard thing is that in ten years this could be the roaring twenties and we will be living the greatest depression.

I can't even think about that.

Change, it's here to conquer or it will conquer us.


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