Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday we started the third season of the year, autumn. Much has been written about it, but we most often think about fall and the equinox when both axis of the earth is the same distance from our sun and the equator of the earth is closest to it as it is in spring.

We think of fall colors, too, and they are starting to show their glory in Ohio. The trees are starting to show color as they have received over 50 inches of rainfall here this year. They also got the very warm sunshine when we tied the record of 17 consecutive 90 degree Fahrenheit days this summer.

The early beans and corn are showing their yellows and reds along with the trees. Round Up Ready and Liberty Link beans are showing all shades of these two colors as they race to produce fruit before winter.

I called a friend in Kentucky and one in Illinois yesterday that I have written to but never talked to on the phone just to say hi. I ran across their phone numbers in email and just felt the urge to call. The Internet has brought me many friends around the globe.

The markets plunged yesterday as the comet Elinin passes through our solar system and the United Nations considers a stand on the lands of Israel.

Me, I am just thankful for another day as we stopped for a short visit with new grandchild Ariana and her big brother Tyler. We need to see Liam and his family on Lake Erie as we prepare for harvest. The day started rainy and dark and ended in brilliant sunshine and warmth.

I am thankful for another harvest season as we quickly approach a new year that will be here before we know it in three short months. Sable has a birthday on the first day of October when she will be three or 21 years in human years. She has grown into one fast, powerful dog that stays by our side.

It's another season of change upon us as my autumnal years shows gray in my hair. A little bit of wisdom is welcome after a roaring 61 years has past.

I wonder what the future holds? Right now all I can do is stay steady in my faith and take each task one day at a time, enjoying that little bit of rain and the warmth of that sunshine.

Tomorrow will take care of itself so I will just focus on today.




  1. Beautiful picture.
    It's always nice to read your posts. It opens up another world to me.

  2. Thanks, Bobby. Yes it is! But you know it is always better in real life!