Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing Blogs

When I logged into BlogSpot today I saw 1007 posts but if I go back into the log, there are only 997 listed. I am sure I posted The first four days of January, 2009 but the log starts January 5. I know my New Year's Day first post is gone and I think 3 days after it are too. Maybe I have deleted 10 and that is the difference in the number but I don't think so and I am sure the earliest ones are missing.

I did post on BlogSpot's forum and got a couple of nice replies that made sense. I need to check back but these days the hours pass so quickly trying to get everything done.

I emailed Budde yesterday and so we have been investigating. I thought I better get my Blog Book published but still haven't heard back from Shared Book. They can only handle 1500 pictures in one book and I have published over 1900 since I started this!

That's what I get for not buying my own webspace, I don't own this bandwidth, Google does. I should have started with Word Press or hired someone to keep my own space for my intellectual property. There I go again, LuAnn,giving my property away!

That's a Laugh Out Loud around here but kind of painful sometimes when its gone and you have nothing to show for it. It comes from my nature of sharing and teaching but this is something I wanted to hang onto since I have put so much into it and gotten so much out of.

I did some scouting yesterday with my friends and we were comparing my LL beans to RR beans. In every comparison across the road in similar soil I had as many or more pods with LL than RR. The best thing was how easy mine pulled out of the soil with a 12 inch taproot hanging on with a big clump of dirt around the roots full of organic material and nodules. Those precious nodules that convert Nitrogen in the air to nitrate for my crop that fills out pods and beans.

Pod counts were 38 to 48 on the Round Up Ready beans and 48-58 on the Liberty Link soybeans although the breeding lines are different. Usually planting date makes a big difference but most of the crop couldn't be planted on time so planting dates and weather has bunched the crop closer together. I have May, June and July planting dates and the same bean is near the same pod count on all three. That is unusual.

I may not find my missing blogs but I don't want missing beans like I had last year. Behind the house I had 60 pods on a 160,000 plant stand but by the time the hot, dry summer was over I had 45 pods with one and two beans in some of those pods.

Things look better this year but we need more sunshine and rain and a delay of Jack Frost.

I was just talking about Wayne Longnecker last night at Krogers and today at lunch pulled in Jim Longenecker or Jersey Jim on NewAgTalk.

Great to meet you, Jim!


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