Monday, September 26, 2011

No. 10

We had the best start to our day today. Becky called and they are expecting another child, grandchild number 10! Madison, Liam, Brynn, Corbin, Claire, Tyler, Caoilin, Finn and ? And, two of our children don't even have children yet! I even have ten little apple trees growing, one for each grandchild.

They also got their house sold here, which will be a big worry gone from their daily routine. They are all very blessed in their careers, families and business. Thank you, Lord.

I was talking to a lady today and she asked me how farming was. After about 3 if's and's and but's I threw out she said her dad was a farmer and asked me what 4 farmers talking in one of their basements were? I didn't know so she quickly told me it's a wine cellar, and that is whine cellar!

I guess we whine about the weather, the crop. the prices, the land prices and rent, the banker and everything else. We are fortunate to farm under one of the lowest interest rates in my lifetime, though.

Trump is talking about his discussions with Romney and Perry. He is right, China has sucked our jobs right our of our country and we let them do it. We stopped at a leather goods store and I looked at a belt and it had China stamped on it in RED. I couldn't get out of that store quick enough.

Well, I am going to be a grandpa again, what do you think about that?


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