Saturday, September 3, 2011


There are going to be a lot of UFO's flying around the country, soon. Those Unidentified Flying Objects are going to be farmers harvesting their fields.

My son has become neighbor and friend of an old, old tractor pulling buddy of 40 years ago. You have to know this man and what he has been through but he is a Viet Nam vet, now organic farmer which in itself is rare around here.

They were talking about machinery and my friend said there were three brothers who were known as the three dumbest boys in the county. One became the town cop and was called to investigate a UFO in a farm field. When the first "silver seeder", as John Deere lovers called them, a gray Gleaner A was purchased in the 60's, it also had lights on it, a new feature for combines.

The farmer was harvesting on a clear, dry night and the neighbors got scared and reported a UFO in a field. When the cop got to the scene he got a few rounds off, breaking the glass out of the combine and probably scaring the poor farmer to death, too. No one was hurt but I had to laugh and laugh hard at that forty year old story.

The silent auction has been no laughing matter. LuAnn has worked constantly for 3 days now entering in all the donated items to the data base. We cart all the items to the tent tomorrow morning for bidding and wouldn't you know we are going to get a storm to break this 96 degree heat. I have no idea how this will all turn out but if we all got paid $10 an hour for this labor of love and dedication to the church, the church would have several thousand dollars right there.

I was able to get a pretty little Farmall H pedal tractor yesterday for cost at the Equipment Super Store. They already donated a Steiger and Super M 1/16 collector tractor so I couldn't beg for more so now we have a real eye catcher for that booth. I told LuAnn that is the most I have begged for donations since I was ag teacher.

The crops really need a drink and it looks like someone will get some by Labor Day.

I just hope it doesn't blow the tent down!


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