Sunday, April 25, 2010


How did you like yesterday's blog? I personally thought it was my best one this year so far. There was a little something for everyone and I got a lot of response from farmers on the video. Some think I left notill but we had to repair a lot of fields by ripping the compacted ends and running the McFarland disk reel an inch or two deep.
I need to do more of the videos. I should have taken a video of Joshua. My sister and my neice and my first Great Nephew came to see us yesterday and he really had a good time. He is a busy little boy and easy to make smile and laugh. We did the Winkle family tradition of eating at Frisch's and he sat there as good as gold while we talked and ate.

We live 100 miles apart so we haven't seen each other over the years like we would like but in our "older years" with grandkids we are doing better at that. My sister is real important to me, one of those rocks I count on for support.

My neice reminds me of my youngest child, they have a lot in common, the eight cousins were something else at Christmas at dad's house. Becky and the kids couldn't come because of allergies and colds. We have really had the allergies this month as the pollen count gets higher and higher. Tree pollens are record high.

We got a light shower last night after a few drops of rain the last day or two. I think we have enough to melt the fertilizer, make the herbicides work and start the seeds off germinating. Tomorrow's planting progress will be interested. The county agent thinks corn is 60-70% finished in the county and that is probably close, at least it is for us.

What's for breakfast? Bacon and eggs after a week of cereal. The Seattle style coffee was really good, too. The Florida strawberries from Driscoll's really topped it off.

LuAnn took the ham bone from the Easter ham and is cooking ham and bean soup. That fits the weather pretty well today, too.

She is getting lots of questions on the Bicentennial Barn Quilt tour and the county barn quilt trail you can visit any weekend you want to come. She has a nice group of ag lady friends on Women in Ag on AgOnline. It is so popular that Ag Talk even put up a Kitchen Table forum.

Saturday is May first. Can you believe that? Another month has flown by. Our goal was to be finished planting by May 5, our usual optimum yield date and we are right on target.

That's it for Sunday, May 25. Hope it is a great one for you!



  1. Hi Ed
    Please tell me it is not really already May. Here in Sask. it is still April and my farming operations are still relatively on schedule (but not if it is May).
    Just kidding you but at least it shows I am reading the details.
    Today is a little gloomy and cold but I guess every day above the grass should be considered to be at least a good one.

  2. Gloomy and cold here too Ralph. Glad the planted seed was all treated properly. Supposed to warm up this week and rain again next weekend. Oh well!