Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Sky Has Dandruff!

It is snow flurrying at 50 degrees! That doesn't happen around here very often, in fact I don't remember if it has. There must be a COLD upper air mass up there.

It is supposed to get down to 34 overnight, hopefully our last cold night for the year in southern Ohio. I hope it doesn't get our new pretty flowers! I saw yellow tulips on the way back from the mailbox and I didn't even know we had any yellow ones! That bed was purple before. LuAnn did we stick some yellow ones in there? They weren't there last year!

The good news is we got the wheat topdressed with nitrogen and the price went up today. The bad news is we have to destroy 160 acres that just isn't worth keeping after much looking, studying, pondering and consternation.

I can plant the destroyed wheat back to non GMO soybeans and gain a $1.50 premium or plant high priced RoundUp Ready or Liberty Link soybeans and spray the cheaper chemical. I know which one is easier and I know which one makes more money.

I went to town to get my haircut and wouldn't you know they were closed. I hope they are alright. They only close on Sunday and Wednesday normally.

LuAnn has opened Turning Point II in Court House, short for Washington Court House, the county seat of Fayette county where my wheat is. I don't see how she does it all.

We travelled so much since August we are under stress trying to catch up. I hope we do. The time is now!

Ed Winkle

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