Friday, April 2, 2010

A Farmer Asked About Seed Treatments

A farmer emailed me, asking what seed treatments I am using this year.

For me, seed treatments always paid their cost. It is difficult to recommend one over another.

I told him chemical on the seed gives you about 21 days protection, the fungi in T-22 and the rhizobia inoculants give you season long control.

There are so many products available I can where one would ask the question.

It's all personal choice and a good investment for protecting seeds.

There is lots of information on the Internet but some of it dated.

This is where a good dealer or speed specialist can be of good help.

Have a good day and protect your valuable seed!



  1. The only seed treatment I use is whats already coated on the canola seed I buy (roundup ready). For cereals I have not used seed treatment in years. I can recall using it years ago as a drill box treatment, pouring on and mixing in this pink powder, later on a pink liquid that stained indelibly anything else it touched. The mess, extra work, and of course health risks of yet another chemical to be exposed to has been my excuse for not using the seed treatments anymore. Crops seem to do fine.

  2. I've tried special seed treatments on several occasions. One in particular I read sworn testimonials to its effectiveness and decided to make a test. I treated the seed in one side of the drill and the other side I left plain. I was planting barley into cold wet soil and the seed treatment fellow said his treatment would help.
    There was no spiral pattern in the field. Some did well and some did poorly, but not in a pattern.
    I probably mixed it wrong...
    I've had really good luck with a rabbit's foot and a shaker of salt. I also have heard of sacrificing chickens.
    We did another test this year. The fellow had trouble with smut in his oats. I am anxious to see the difference. That stuff sure stunk when we mixed it. I love the warnings, "may cause blindness."

  3. I have tested the ones I recommend and they work for me and others.

    Many farmers feel the same Ralph and Budde.

    Mine is usally installed on the seed, no muss no fuss.

  4. Actually, I always try to use seed treatment and I inoculate legumes. I was just going for a cheap laugh..

  5. Sorry, I miss cheap laughs all the time. Did you get your planter tire replaced???