Monday, April 19, 2010


Gee, I missed posting on Sunday! How did I do that? We ended up in Springield, Ohio for an antique show at the fairgrounds that happens every once so often.

We found a nice oak workbench that LuAnn can transform into her dream kitchen island so she has more counter space and doesn't have to bend over so much when preparing food.

I found a nice little cabinet we can mount in the hallway to the garage and keep our keys, stamps and other everyday things on. I also bought her a nice little sewing cabinet that carries from the center but folds out into three stacked drawers on each side. I have never seen anything quite like it. It had more thread and spools in it valued at more than I paid for the whole thing. Happy Mother's Day early!

The weather has everyone scratching their heads. Many farmers have planted corn and even soybeans and some of it is even out of the ground already! Others think it is too early yet and have held off planting, remembering those times they planted in April and had to do it all over again. It is rarely as good the second time as it should have been the first.

Is the weather switching over to LaNina already? Sure acts like it. Cool and dry. will predict a big soaker for the second week then the next time you read the maps, it is gone.

Then we have the big volcano in Iceland, spewing up to 750 tons of ash PER SECOND and cancelling air flights all around the world. They say that is costing the airlines over $200 million a day besides all the other extra costs to people. Air freight is at a standstill.

Many wonder how this amount of ash will affect our weather this year. Farmers quickly remember the tropic volcanos and the resulting weather with "no summer" that really affected crop growth. Some experts say it is too far north to do much damage and has to get into the jet stream at 30-40,000 feet to have much effect. You know how we don't trust "experts" anymore.

I don't know, I really don't know. I think that amount of ash is going to affect weather somewhere, if not the states, then surely Europe and continents east of there. Who really knows?

So we make our best call and keep plodding along.

We hope we are in the middle of the road somewhere and at least halfway right!


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