Saturday, April 3, 2010


Boy is it windy today! I see where trees are down and lots of flooding in nearby states.

It was scary, barely saved the barn doors again, no big damage just some screws pulled out but items scattered all over the yards and fields.

No day for an Easter Egg Hunt, for sure!

Wind is very frightening to some people. Here is a good piece on this fear or medical phobia:

"Fear of wind, thunder and lightning :

The levels of anxiety in individuals are so different that it is not possible to offer a single series of exposure steps for all cases. Some wind and storm phobics just experience a good deal of anxiety when high winds threaten, while others spend most of the day listening to weather forecasts, phoning the meteorological offices, or organising companions to look after them when bad weather threatens. However, these suggestions would be worth considering for someone with a serious wind phobia:

Cut down on the number of calls to Met. Offices; or on reading or listening to weather forecasts
Listen to sound effects records of wind and storms, including thunder
Watch videos of storms
If you hide, try to reduce the amount of protection you use, for example using a smaller blanket, or leaving the cupboard door open a crack
If you seek companions, try to have them simply available at the end of an open phone line, rather than actually in the house. (If you fear ‘wires’ and ‘electricity’ this may be difficult, in which case it should not be an early step.)
Work up to not hiding, but with a companion present
Then to not hiding, with no companion there
Then to observing high winds or lightning etc. with a companion
Then to doing so alone.

Some storms and wind would put this fear in anyone!

Ed Winkle

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