Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Petty Politics

Two nice guys are running for our Ohio Representative district. I know them both. One is a family friend and came to dad's funeral 9 years ago. The other has worked with LuAnn on Turning Point projects. They are both good guys. Dave is on the left and Clyde is pictured on the right.

Does an election race make you act like kindergartners?

"Panel finds fault with both Daniels, Evans campaign

A panel of the Ohio Elections Commission on Monday found probable cause of fault on both sides of the Ohio Senate 17th District race in the Republican Primary between Ohio Rep. David Daniels and Ohio Rep. Clyde Evans.

The panel found probable cause for an investigation on three allegations that Daniels made false statements in his campaign for the Ohio Senate seat.

Meanwhile, the Daniels campaign reports that a commission panel found probable cause to investigate claims about Daniels made by Evans in campaign mailings. A full investigation will take place and the final hearing will be held on Monday.

Gene Pierce, manager of the Evans campaign, said the Daniels’ campaign is now under investigation by Ohio’s independent campaign accuracy advocate for the following:

• His statement that he was “The only candidate in the 127th General Assembly awarded the Watchdog of the Treasury for his commitment to fiscal responsibility.” Evans says there were at least 16 winners of that award that session, including Evans himself.

• Daniels misrepresented his own position and that of Evans on “pork barrel spending.” Evans says Daniels cast at least four votes for the same “pork” projects he criticized Evans for supporting.

• Daniels wrongly accused Evans of voting for the federal stimulus spending bill.
Pierce said Daniels could be referred for criminal prosecution if the full commission finds he made these false statements with knowledge or with reckless disregard of the truth.
“When our campaign made an unintentional error in a mailing nearly two weeks ago, Mr. Evans issued a public, written apology within 36 hours,” said Pierce. “Mr. Evans has always aimed to act according to the highest standards of ethics and personal responsibility in public life.”
Daniels said his opponent needs to be held accountable for what is printed in is campaign material.

“I am glad the elections commission has found probable cause that Clyde Evans lied about my record in his campaign piece that said I support sexual predators,” Daniels said. “He needs to be held accountable for his reckless disregard for the truth. I have confidence that the voters will see past the political dirty tricks and see that I am the only true conservative candidate in this race.”

That Pierce guy sent out a mailer with falsehoods on it about Daniels. Daniels retaliated by filing a complaint to the elections commission. Pierce found dirt on Daniels and here is what you get.

Petty Politics, pure and simple.

Has our election process failed us? Or has our sins failed the election process?

I think they both want that cushy state job, don't you?

Ed Winkle


  1. I am really disappointed in these two. Now they are both being investigated. Such trivia when we need leadership...

  2. This time tomorrow we will know the verdict...