Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

It was a beautiful Saturday. Highs were in the sixties today. I saw several tractors in the field in the eastern part of the county. Farmers were spreading fertilizer and doing tillage all the way from ripping the subsoil open to light tillage. I bet some corn gets planted this week with the call for 70 degrees every day.

It was cold enough that I burned wood the last two nights. It really felt good. I hope it is the last wood fire until late fall.

We sure have plenty of firewood now that we cleared 100o foot of fencerow trees out two weeks ago. There is a pile of logs to cut and split to take several days to complete.

I got soil samples pulled on the newest farm. The soil probe went easily to 12 inches with little clay which is a great sign to a farmer or gardner. I can't wait to see how much fertilizer it needs! I hope it is how little it needs, not how much!

It has been a good week though a cool one with not much rain. We have plenty in the soil right now. A shower after planting is always good though. We got wheat topdressed, equipment ready to go, soil samples pulled and lots of other good things.
The two week forecast looks good at least for this week, then, who knows. I like this weather site I found, it changes daily like the weather.
I am feeling better already. Now spring is REALLY here!

Ed Winkle

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