Saturday, April 17, 2010

Turned Cool!

It is still going to be a warm April but the temperature dropped 16 degrees before the showers yesterday until after they stopped. It was 76 yesterday before the rain and it is 54 degrees now. The wind feels cold.

Three brief downpours came within two hours. the last one had water running down the barn driveway. I wonder how that will affect the new corn seedings? Farmers don't like cold rain on newly planted fields as they often fail to grow properly.

Several fields were planted within five miles of the house and some of that is wet Clermont soil, which really dried out last week. I counted many fields planted and many planters in the field between here and Greenfield this week. It is a small percentage of total acres but it is a start.

It is about ideal for wheat and grass and they both really grew this week. I could mow the whole lawn again, it is growing so fast. I got most of it mowed before the rain again. The dandelions are popping up like popcorn.

The soybean and wheat markets closed up higher yesterday which is a good sign. This bean market will surely go down when the big South American crop hits the market but their transportation problems have really slowed delivery. Many say there aren't as many beans as some people think there are.

Corn has been flat, I don't have a feeling which way it is going but there must be new money in the market again to keep it level and increase soybean and wheat prices. Buyers must be speculating. Farmers speculate every time they plant or sell. We are the majority of the risk taking factor.

Some are stopped planting today because of the rain, others got very little. It was spotty again.

Such is life on the farm!


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