Monday, April 5, 2010

Fence Rows

We got 1000 feet of fencerow cleared last week. Do you like fencerows?

The ones in southern Ohio aren't kept up like the beautiful hedgerows we saw in New Zealand. Each land owner hires a contractor to trim his hedges or does it himself.

Here they just grow out of hand with scrub trees and brush and block the sun from the crop. They often stop drainage patterns too so the field is wet and you can't plant ontime and that throws the whole schedule off for the year.

We have plenty of habitat for wildlife so it isn't like clearing jungles or rain forests or anything like that. But it costs money to repair what got out of hand.

A few farmers do it here but not many. It is expensive and time consuming.

This fence changed the whole appearance and usefulness of the land and gives a beautiful view of the land below.

Do you like fencerows with scrub in it? The fences are pretty much gone here because the livestock are gone.

I think it was a great improvement to this farm.

Ed Winkle


  1. Farmers like clean fence rows, hunters don't. I guess you have to pick your priority.

  2. I pay the tax bill and I want sunshine for more crop income!