Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ah, the joys of spring! I mowed all day. It was more like cutting hay. I burned a half tank of diesel and it normally takes a quarter tank.

I waited and waited because once you make that first cut, you mow all year. Clear into November last year.

A good mower that runs properly and sharp blades replaced regularly are the keys to good mowing. Mowing is essential to a good looking lawn.

My problem is mowing around house and garage, two barns, a grain dump building, 5 grain bins, a hog finisher building and one, two, three, four driveways, all in a triangle shaped piece of land. It is really narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, now what is that geometrical shape I forgot from 1965?

The result is Turn, Turn, Turn as the Byrds sang about that time I was in high school, many moons ago.

The grass was full of water so I had to mow the windrows two times on top of the first cutting.

It has been so wet and the recent warm temperatures have made the grass grow like weeds as they say. It looks pretty good for no fertilizer, I wouldn't dare do that, I would be mowing every other day. I let the grass smother the weeds out so no weed control is used either.

With our rich soil you don't need much fertilizer. The soil test says our soil is rich enough to raise at least 100 bushel corn and that is good enough for me for a lawn.

It's trash day too so had to clean out the barn and put the barrels by the road. We keep 4 barrels pretty full all the time.

Well that is how I spent my day, I hope yours was good.

Ed Winkle

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