Sunday, July 3, 2011


This weekend has become one to work on equipment. I have a lot of equipment to repair and get back "up to snuff." Lots of them are easier as two men jobs so I found a former student to help me as he is a pretty good mechanic and works part time.

The first thing we found is 5 dead batteries. There goes my repair budget for the month. It's been a few years since I bought any so now I will probably go through 10 or so this year. These usually run in streaks because I replace them in streaks.

I found I have a lot of missing parts and tools that got robbed for another job or misplaced or broken so there will be more trips to the parts stores. It's amazing what you go through in a year but I must admit it gets a little better all the time since I have harped on this for so long. We covered a lot of acres with minimal equipment and no major breakdowns.

Patrick was in my class many years ago and I was shocked to hear he is 47 because he doesn't look it and I forgot how long it was since we had been in the classroom together. It's good to hear the funny stories of the past while working on stuff.

I had him and his three brothers in my classes at Blanchester almost 40 years ago. One brother has side dressed corn for me and another serves on the school board where I did. The youngest has hauled gravel for me and is the go to guy around here if you need gravel fast.

He moved just down the road a year or two ago so I finally got hold of him for help. I caught him at the right time, too as the county fair is next week and he will be pulling his classic tractors in the antique pull. Once again I have nothing to pull but I guess that hasn't been a priority for me.

He needed a jug of glyphosate so we are doing some bartering or trading as we call it around here. I won't be able to do that on five batteries but I'll try.

Happy fourth to all, we watched fireworks from the front and back porches last night.


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