Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winkle Speedway

We have a new speedway at our farm. It's hundreds of years old and newly paved for high speed. It's called Ohio State Route 28 or the old Cincinnati Chillicothe Pike.

It's paved and striped and ready for racing. I have to really watch my speed now heading west to Blanchester as I could do a 100 in a heartbeat going down our hill from the Wisconsin Glacial Till to the old Illinoian Glacial Till. This is especially true in the Grand Prix which is for sale or my trusted Silverado.

I haven't felt the need for that much speed though. I am more likely to be poking along, window crop scouting and backing up traffic and trying to "keep it between the ditches."

One problem, there is a gently curve at the bottom but it's not dead man's curve. It's even banked a little to keep your speed up. The local law enforcement officers have taken notice and are sitting on the straightaways.

Speaking of racing, NASCAR finally made it to Kentucky. This weekend is the big NASCAR sprint car race at Sparta, Ky, just down I-75 near the I-71 split. The local news channels have been featuring the race this week showing the cars, drivers and all the campers of fans camping at the race track.

I would love to watch the race but don't want near all that traffic and that many people. So we will be at the Clinton County Fair just up the road in Wilmington. The little girls show there Monday and LuAnn's photography exhibits are going in right now as I type and will be judged on the opening day Saturday.

I just read that my dad's cousin Roma Jane passed away at age 93. She was our family historian and we have all pretty much lost contact with her. I have the family tree she gave me years ago and it needs updating.

My cousin Michelle's son is getting married Friday night in Worthington, Ohio so we can do some crop scouting up Interstate 71 and spend some quality time with Michelle and Uncle Roy.

It sure is going to be hot at either place but that's what is going on in southwest Ohio.


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