Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fair Time

The Clinton County Fair opened yesterday just up the road in our county seat of Wilmington, Ohio. We went at dinner time so we could enjoy our friend Rich Werner's delicious pork pita wrap, "a fair favorite."

There are a few reasons I still go to that fair, Rich, our good friend Jack Ficke who serves on the fairboard, our grand daughter's showing their pigs and our friend Brad pulling his grandpa's old Case 1370. His grandpa is the fellow we purchased this farm from.

Of course we had to go view our photographs in the photography exhibit and how they compare to the competition compared to the others the way they are displayed. LuAnn has some very unique pictures with great subject matter but when you compare them to others you start noticing differences in size and contrast and display.

It will be even more interesting to see what the judges think of the exhibition later today and another reason to eat dinner at the fair. Since we have to spend $25 each for a season's pass, it makes a better reason to visit more often. And, I always see someone I haven't seen in awhile.

Tomorrow the little girls show their pigs and that is always fun to watch as the pig show is a big deal in this county, once number one in hog production in Ohio. I spent 16 years helping kids learn agriculture and responsibility with pig and other projects at this fair.

I was truly disappointed with the handful of junior fair crop exhibits yesterday. It was a big show when I started teaching here 40 years ago next month. My how things have changed since then and the weather and people's priorities sure showed in the low number of exhibits.

If I can get the soybeans sprayed and do some local IRM audits we will be ready to head for Pennsylvania next week. Until then, we will enjoy the fair as much as we can while doing our daily work.

The weatherman is calling for heat and rain, just what these late crops all need and a typical week for the Clinton County fair.


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