Saturday, July 9, 2011

Made My Day

We are blessed with the best children and grandchildren you can imagine. I just opened a card from our oldest grandson, Liam, who is five years old.

It reads: Dear Papaw Winkle,

How are you? I hope you have been feeling good. Are you having fun? I hope to see you at your house.

You are the best papaw ever!



He is learning to write in home school and this is pretty impressive for a five year old. What's more impressive to me is the way we get along. We are just two silly kooks together after acting our best when we are apart. We sure do miss him up there in Cleveland but glad his dad has a good job to take care of the family.

Well Liam, I am feeling pretty good and having fun watching our crops grow. Last night Grandma and I went to my cousin's wedding in Worthington. It was good to see Uncle Roy and Michelle. Roy is so much like me and you we would all fit right in together.

It was good to see Jeremy and Erika start their lives off together just like you will with some girl some day I am sure. I pray you find the right one as life is too short to be miserable with someone.

One thing for sure is that I am never miserable when you are around! Your writing is excellent and your vocabulary is outstanding so keep learning and keep up the good work!

Hope to see you soon, too!

The county fair started this morning where your mama won the beef showmanship 12 years ago this week and I met grandma. July 13 was a pretty good day for grandpa!


Grandpa Winkle

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