Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet Corn

Have any of you had any fresh sweet corn yet? We won't be having any for a couple of weeks. And if we do, it is going to be highly prized, I wouldn't sell it for anything less than $5 a dozen.

I have to hand it to our local experts, Shaw Farms. They have eared out sweet corn on 5 acres or so of Clermont soil just west of us, the wettest soil you can imagine. How they did that is by working with the grace of God himself.

We have seen some tassled out in gardens but no ears. I commend those gardeners, too, they are way ahead of us. We just watched it rain every day.

There is a little band south of us that didn't get quite as drowned as we did, somehow they kept their heads above water long enough and the corn will be in tassle there first. I should say south and east of us.

If the grandkids were a little older, I would let it be their project. I raise it, they harvest and sell it and keep all the money. The oldest are big enough but are so busy I don't think they would have time for it.

The county fair starts Saturday and those two older grandchildren will be living at the fair showing their pigs, I think a week from today. It's way too early for a fair here but it is fair time since they changed fair weeks in Ohio a few decades ago. The August and September fairs are so much better. There are hardly any crops to display because of the wet weather.

If you get a really good ear of corn, remember me. I am ready for a big, fresh ear of corn and a hamburger deluxe.


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  1. Hungry for corn and burgers today, not sure I can wait til July!!