Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Why does Google have their name spelled out in peas this morning? I read your comments about logging in for comments. Google had changed their format and I don't understand it all but it's about security.

I don't click the box to keep me logged in anymore and that makes posting and navigation easier for me but I have to log in again everytime I turn the computer back on.

They have a new spam feature that reports spam comments to your email box so that is part of the security issue. Maybe we will figure this all out but about that time they will change it all again.

I am thankful they host this blog for free but know I don't like them owning all the comment. I have two years and seven months of work on this blog and they own it. I guess that was dumb on my part but it taught me how to blog.

I can't imagine all the security problems Google and Facebook and whatever has but they have become pretty unfriendly to use. There are way to many bells and whistles for an old geezer like me.

I just wondered if anyone knew what the peas were all about today. I do like the artwork on Google but it has become a hassle to use.

Stay cool if you can, this is serious weather. Everything is coming to a screeching halt I believe.


Again I do this as much for me as I do anyone else so I had selfish motives to start with.


  1. That must be a google feature only in the U.S as I don't see it here. We have a welcome reprieve from the hot spell. Only in the low 50s this morning. We had a few days earlier this week with heat index up in the 100 degree range due to the humidity.

  2. Could be Ralph, could well be. I am behind reading blogs, I need to go look at yours.

  3. I enjoy opening google search page every day to see what the image of the day may be! Pretty creative that they've been able to have a different one every day for the past few years! I "googled" google and peas and this is what I came up with!