Sunday, July 17, 2011


What happened to all my great comments? Did I really upset you readers or are you all at the beach? I feel like I am talking to myself.

I guess that is OK as I do this for me as much as anyone else. It's my daily log of thoughts, ideas and happenings.

Comments really make a blog GO though and this blog is going nowhere in the comment department. I thought I had some really good blogs in the last 10 days but no comments!

Today's parable was about the bad guy who came and sowed weed seed in the landlowner's wheat. He instructed his workers to not pull the weeds because it would pull up the good wheat too. I think we run into that every day as people, good versus evil is what I call it.

There sure is enough evil to go around and has been since Eve was tempted to eat the apple so she could think like God. What a deception that was! We see that so much today in our own lives and especially in mankind as nations, it is enough to make you want to be a hermit with no TV. I think we would be better off many times if we did just that.

I hope I got the "evil ones" killed in my crops, weeds that is, literally weeds like the wheat parable but time will tell. There is always something around to ruin a good crop of soybeans or kids. Thankfully we didn't see that much at the county fair this week and the little ones had fun showing off their hard work.

The farmer's fields are looking pretty good too considering what we have been through but we sure could use rain all summer after way too much water earlier this year. I think a lot of farmers agree.

It's a new day and a new week so life goes on. There will be plenty of challenges tomorrow and every day and as long as we take time and do it right things will be like they are supposed to be.

If not, the weeds or whatever will take over and we will deal with the price of that happening.

Sure would be nice to read some comments and maybe even some blog topics would be good!

Hope you had a good one, I think we did.



  1. I've noticed that my readership and comments are down, too, Ed. I think it's partly because so many folks are so busy "making hay while the sun shines," sometimes literally and sometimes figuritively during the summertime. However, I also noticed a sizable drop in visits since the time that my computer was down for a week.

    I thought of you yesterday when I was in Amish country. The corn that was planted early before the rains started is eight feet tall some places. The corn that was being planted the last time I was in Amish country (only a month-and-a-half ago), however, is little more than knee high. I sure hope it's short season corn!

  2. Sorry Ed, I do read most days but google makes it almost impossiblw to post comments some days. I'm trying again using google chrome browser.

  3. I haven't had anything to say...

  4. Our pastor built his homily around the same parable yesterday. His closing thought was that, perhaps in today's environment, what we need is an "attitude of gratitude."

    I meant to comment on your county fair blog a couple of days ago but failed to do so. Florine and I have had six grandchildren involved in two county fairs during the last couple of weeks. We would certainly concur with your assessment of the value of county fairs in their learning experience. Florine says it is a family affair.

    Ron Swanson