Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am trying to be positive this morning and struggling with it. It's hot, sticky and we didn't get rain. We had to turn the TV off last night and take Sable for a swim.

I couldn't watch our so called leaders using Parliamentary Procedure to defend their undefendable positions about our debt crisis. I can't even describe how I feel about our situation without getting really frustrated.

This should have been handled a long time ago but it keeps getting passed down the line. Now with the slim majorities on both sides of the aisle nothing gets done because nothing is bipartisan and no one dares cross that line.

The two party system has really failed us but its mainly our own greed and the ignoring of basic economic laws; you can't spend more than you take in.

We moved more stocks into safety before the Dow started its expected tumble. If the country does default who knows what will happen. Our credit score is already damaged in my opinion no matter what happens now.

Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humble, When You Are Perfect in Every Way has been the politicians theme song way too long.

I am afraid we are all going to get a big dose of humility for the lack of it from leaders. You and I can't do much about it but speak up and manage our own affaris.

I guess this long heat wave with no rain and nothing but doom and gloom has made me grumpy so I better focus on gratitude and enjoy every minute of it.

This morning that spells GRANDKIDS.

I leave you with a picture from a year ago which we did again yesterday. The heat took a toll on the flowers, too.



  1. That kind of heat is hard to take. My comfort zone gets narrower as time goes by but thankfully we don't seem to get as much heat in the summer as we used to. No problem living without AC here but I do need it in field machinery. Those glass walled cabs are like a greenhouse.

  2. Here in Ohio we don't usually get this kind of heat and we complain when we get it. I guess we are whiners Ralph compared to south and west of here where it has burned up everything.