Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tim Horton's

We are sitting in Tim Horton's in Batavia, New York waiting for LuAnn's best friend Jill. Tim Horton's is someplace we never go and blogging in a wi-fi'd spot is something I never do.

We have completed our 10 audits of Pennsylvania farmer IRM's. It was hard work this week as many were not available or didn't want to talk or don't understand how Herculex fits in the genetic corn scheme. We had to look up 20 farmers to get 10 good audits. Oh well, it was what it was.

In this heat it really wore us down. I am supposed to judge a big show in Springfield Ohio Saturday and wondering how I can even do it in this heat. It has been tough the last two years and the weather is even worse this year. It is so hot you don't even want to move.

It hasn't been that long since Chicago lost 750 citizens in heat like this but I don't remember what year it was. Grain and stock trade has remained high during this heat and economic uncertainty but I don't know why. With weather this severe it feels like we are operating in pending doom.

Sable is staying cool by swimming in the creek behind the sitter's house but she will be in the cool air conditioning as soon as we get home and pick her up.

I noticed in USA today that Federal employees are more likely to die than lose their Federal job. Our so called leaders can't agree to cut spending and this article just proves that point.

I have to wonder when this country will look like this famous field in Missouri that has been pictured in our news all summer.



  1. It was a cool 75 degrees in Oregon yesterday.

  2. Only 70 here in Sask. yesterday. Thank goodness we don't get a lot of extreme heat here lately . I get pretty worn out trying to work in it. Canola does not like extreme heat either.

  3. You can fry an egg on the sidewalk in Ohio!