Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yesterday we talked about plant health so today I thought we would discuss human health. I have told you I have been to more doctors this year than I ever have trying to keep myself going in the 60 plus group.

Yesterday I went to see my foot doctor to get some help for my aching feet. The X Rays showed plenty of arthritis going on there too but nerve endings and blood flow was good so he ended up trying an old trick of his of custom orthotics. This would cost you $500 or more at the Good Feet store and he does it for $25.

He cut two little circles about the size of a drinking glass bottom and put them where your middle toe bone meets that bone across the part you spring from. I felt instant comfort and relief and my gait straightened up. He also doubled my dose of Naprosen or Naproxen Sodium to get the swelling down.

We talked about family and travel and like us he hasn't been back to New York too often with our busy lives here. His oldest child, a boy is entering High School where our youngest lives and he said he had been studying Spanish and Chinese and should graduate from High School with 10 years of Spanish and 6 years of Chinese and he wants to be an engineer. I imagine he will be a prized find for a college and later an employer.

His younger daughter is a whiz kid too but he said she didn't like Chinese because it makes her head hurt. I understand that because when I went to China very few people on this planet are fluent in English and Chinese because each language uses a different hemisphere in the brain.

We got to talking about Drew Hastings and his run for Mayor of Hillsboro and shaking up the business as usual political scene. He said Drew said in one of his talks he was cutting his corn down and a farmer asked him why in the world he would do that and he answered, "Well you told me it had to be knee high by the fourth of July and it's taller than that."

Drew is a life long bachelor who doesn't like kids and he dated a Vegan from LA and after a deep passionate kiss she exclaimed, Ugh, you taste like meat! He said of course I taste like meat because I love meat and you taste like lettuce!

I judged another show at Owensville yesterday and that made my head hurt, too. It was hot by one o'clock and I was brain tired picking out the best plant specimens. Those lucky ducks got two inches of rain the day before and we got one tenth or so. It was so wet I was afraid I would get stuck in the grassed parking lot.

I have a friend who has thousands of acres of corn and soybeans in that area so he hit the jackpot. This morning we have a little fog from our shower, just enough to keep the crop alive in this heat.

So my advice this morning is if you are hurting somewhere, go find out more about it. Farmers are notorious for not going to the doctor before it's too late.

And, please pray for our country in our time of peril.


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