Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Squares

A dairy farmer told me that Holsteins wouldn't eat round bales of hay. I looked at him funny and said I hadn't heard that. He said they eat 3 squares a day.

That was a good farmer joke. That refers to how much more feed black and white cows eat compared to other breeds. They usually also produce the most milk too though, and that is why there are more black and white dairy cows than any other color.

That got me to thinking how lucky we are in America to have all the food we have. We have the largest supply of high quality food of anyplace in the world to the point obesity is our number one problem in humans and we complain about the price of food.

Everytime I pray the Our Father or the Lord's Prayer I think how I have never really been hungry in 61 years because I have always had my daily bread. What a blessing we enjoy every day.

You have to love America and you have to love farmers. They are the backbone of this great country with the best soil and weather in the world for raising food. Weather is in the news though as we are having the hottest week across the country in the last five years.

Crops really look rough in a lot of places but the crop is made in some places and it isn't too far behind in a lot of others. If you are the one needing rain though, it doesn't ease the pain like a good rain. Some of you got that yesterday.

I visited a Mennonite farmer recently and commented that I hoped he got rain and he looked at me and boldly stated God knows what He is doing! It kind of made me embarassed I acted like I didn't have enough faith in Him. Yes I agree God knows what he is doing more than any of us earthlings, can't disagree with that.

I hope you get the rain you need and the heat doesn't get you down. We always lose a lot of elderly in these heat waves so be careful. I am trying to be.


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