Monday, July 11, 2011

Pig Show

I love pig shows. I showed in my first pig show in 59 or 60, I can't remember so maybe my sister can straighten me out.

Today, the two oldest grand daughters did well in the Clinton County Open Market Hog Show. Madison got first with her pig and Brynn got fourth. Brynn did a super job in showmanship and so did Madison and she won a trophy for her efforts. Their cousin Zach won one too.

You know, I started teaching other kids how to show 40 years ago and out of hundreds of kids, I never knew one of those children to turn out poorly. There is something about picking out a pig and raising it by caring and feeding for it and taking it to the fair to compare to all the others that really teaches responsibility to kids. I can't say enough good about pig shows or any 4-H or FFA project.

It's been proven in education that hands-on learning can't be beat for preparing a child for a career and citizenship. It worked for me, it worked for my kids and it is working for my grand kids.

The smog alerts are out and it was 93 when I just got home to cool off. It felt like 110 degrees in that barn but the kids and pigs stayed cool with plenty of patience, water, and air movement from fans. That's just the way it is down on the farm and work doesn't stop often for weather.

LuAnn got a first place on her picture of an orchid in Panama and lots of other ribbons. She did well and I am proud of her. She added a lot to our county fair. We were bummed they didn't pick the cute Santa picture from Germany or the vegetable display from Costa Rica but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

It was nice to visit with a lot of friends and former students and see most everyone is doing well. Of course I had to have a butterfly pork chop sandwich for lunch, it wasn't too hot to eat!

It's too hot for Sable though so we need to take her back to Cowan Lake for swimming or leave her in the house. She takes zero a lot better than she does 100.

I saw my first corn tassle yesterday and today I saw corn silking with no tassles yet so this corn is confused in all this heat after all this moisture.


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