Thursday, May 12, 2011


LuAnn and I have been talking about what we would like to do for our tenth anniversary. I found this and feel really blessed we have been able to see almost all of this.

Now with the price of gas, we are trying to pinch our pennies a little more. It's going to be like that here on out with our age and the economy.

There is hope gas might come down a little since many experts feel like $4 per gallon is the barrier where people really reduce driving as stocks of fuel have skyrockted since gas hit the magic 4 button.

Yesterday gas was $4.09 here, diesel was still still $4.19 and E-85 was $3.49 per gallon. I bought some of all of it for our various engines.

Ten years ago we bought our first pickup camper and headed to Iowa on the way to Yellowstone. That's when we found our first big National Parks like Yellowstone and visited where Custer had his Last Stand. Oh, those were the days and only ten years ago! It's went by in a blink.

We've made several trips west since then and saw all those National Parks on the link. I still have the maps displayed in my office where we visited, that color brochure they hand you when you enter that National Park.

Farming comes first though and our anniversary looks like it will come during prime farming time in this late spring 5 weeks from now.

A friend planted his big corn test plot yesterday near Clarksville not too far from here so we are getting close to planting though they are still calling for big thunderstorms.

People who know we farm are starting to notice the unplanted fields and are asking questions. I figure we have lost a quarter of our yield potential already this year and probably more. The cereal grains, corn and soybeans aren't going to yield like we hoped they would as we have already lost weeks of growing weather that aren't usually made up at the end of the year.

Who knows, it's a long way to fall but it will come fast just like those ten years.

Like this picture from a year ago we can plan the event but we can't plan the outcome.



  1. We went from 70 degrees to cold and rain in a day. This morning it really looks like a light frost.
    Looks like I will be making hay, chopping silage, and planting corn all in the first week of June. Usually I can only one thing at a time.

  2. I have never started field work so late. The high spots are drying out and weeds growing but I can't get to some of them because there is water in between. Theres a little improvement every day now and I still have hope of getting a crop planted, maybe late though.