Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 Speed

I was looking in a free car trader magazine yesterday and found two 5 speed pickups out of thousands. What ever happened to shifting gears?

Shifting gears is the way I grew up. The first automatic I remember is that 58? Chrysler mom and dad bought with those big automatic shifting buttons left of the steering wheel.

One time mom had to go to Renfro Valley and we got caught in a snow storm on the way home and I think it took about all night to make it home.

We still had the 55 International pickup truck with Silver Diamond Engine and 4 speed transmission, the truck I learned to drive on. I found one similar in this paper for only $13,000!

My 90 Dakota was a 5 speed and the last one I have owned. I save 2 MPG with a 5 speed over an automatic which is nothing to sneeze at in this economy. But American's won't buy them anymore so they are rare as hen's teeth.

Saturday is my annual seed school near Columbus, Ohio. The few inspectors that are left in the state get together to go over our field assignments and discuss some training. Dr. Pierce Paul at OSU is the one I learn the most from. He has the big job of filling the shoes of Dr. Pat Lipps, retired, whom I learned so much from.

There isn't that much seed grown in Ohio anymore as it also has moved to other states. You can say that about so many things that used to happen in Ohio. Now we are just one big bedroom state with few jobs available.

This weekend is the big antique flea market Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio so I know LuAnn will be going there. Hmmm, what have I not gotten done this week?

It sounds like we may get near 80 degrees again this weekend after two months of rainy, gloomy weather but the forecast for rain hasn't subsided yet.

I think we could all use a 5 speed and some sunshine.


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