Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Most of the Memorial Day Salutes are at 10 AM this morning. I remember playing taps all of the years I was big enough to play when I was in school.

The original song is a very long piece so it was shortened to the version we hear today. It is often a tear jerker for many people when it is played.

We sure have plenty of good reasons to visit our local cemetery and watch the salute to our soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Yesterday we took a 100 mile trip to my sister's for her grandson's birthday. It was the first hot day we have had this summer. I saw some of Ohio's 11 percent corn planted. As you go east out of Hillsboro you start seeing some all the way down to the Ohio River. It's not a major production area but at least they have corn out of the ground.

We had 3-4 inches of rain in the 30 mile radius here last week so we are still stationary. It is hard to wait but if you don't, this heat will turn the soil into brick.

We saw our first hay cut and it smelled good. Some windrows will be baled this afternoon. There is so much hay and grass to mow in that 100 miles it would take every farmer a week just to mow it.

The cemeteries really look nice for Memorial Day and the farmers here are just ready to hit every dry field they can find. It will be difficult to find fields ready to plant that don't turn into concrete after planting. It looks like we may have a 10 day window to plant here the first of June.


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