Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of May

It's the last day of May and still little is planted in Ohio. We are just getting dry enough to do anything in the fields. The fertilizer trucks are everywhere and I saw some spread. The planters are not out in full force yet. I did see a neighbor side dressing corn this morning, very unusual this year and the only one I have seen in our travels.

I got all my FSA papers finalized and now have to remember to get back in there to firm up planted acres by July 15. That is also the day we can start mowing the CRP waterways and boy are they a mess. I have poison hemlock to mow and spray as usual as it tries to keep a foothold in our fields.

My reported yields since we moved here seven years ago this weekend are very good and I am proud of them. I had only one bad year, 2005 when we planted corn after corn very early, probably didn't get enough nitrogen on and it snowed and froze on it this weekend six years ago. Today it will be near 90 degrees again. What a contrast in weather in a few short years.

We skipped the Taste of Cincinnati this weekend as it was so hot but we did go down to the city for the Reds game last night. Remember when the the Milwaukee Brewers were the Milwaukee Braves? I do. They changed names in 1965 when Atlanta became the Braves and Hank Aaron made them famous.

The Reds played really well and had lots of hits. It was a fun game to watch for the 21,000 plus who watched. The pitching was good enough to hold on for a 7-3 win. The fireworks went off for the three run home run and they had a nice Memorial Day tribute for our soldiers throughout the game.

Greece is in the news again as they cannot pay their debt and Germany is tired of supporting the whole Euro dollar system. I can't blame them.

Everyone is well here and I hope you all are too.

Have a great first of June.

Ed Winkle

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