Thursday, May 26, 2011


We had another stormy day and night of weather yesterday. Tornado watches were up all day and night and several warnings were issued. Indiana got the worst of it this time.

Farming is stormy, too. We can't plant, the planting season is endind and we have all these hope and dreams and purchased supplies just sitting here.

Years like these are the years we buy crop insurance for. Remember I was convinced I didn't need any? I have gotten about one dollar back for every dollar invested the last seven years but this year the tables have turned.

There will be many vacant fields this summer, right when the world wants our products. Sorry world, we couldn't plant the crop you are needing.

There is hardly a garden planted here let alone a corn field. Corn fields will be few and far between in Ohio for 2011, a year we won't soon forget.

I just hope we don't run into such a shortage of corn that the world loses interest in our crop for future years. We need food and fuel and corn is king in the United States. The states that have corn planted should make out like gangsters.

Several friends called yesterday and we were commiserating on our miserable situation while trying to figure out what to do next. We can't do a thing until this stormy season passes and by then the tables will be changed once more.

I heard one outfit here has a million dollars worth of nitrogen applied to their fields and no way to plant corn. Wow, what a mess that would be, makes my situation look rosey in comparison.

It looks like it will be steamy here through the next week in more ways than one.

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