Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seed School

Today I attended my 27th Ohio Seed Certification School. 27 years, where has it gone? The kids were 8,5 and 3 then and now they have kids of that age.

Seed wheat acres are up from 11,000 acres last year to almost 17,000 this year. Malabar is the newest, most popular seed variety this year. I have some to look at near by.

We looked at all the AGI varieties, Ohio Certified, Pioneers and private wheat varieties in the plots. Water damage was apparent like it is all over Ohio. Hopewell is still the number one wheat in Michigan.

Dr. Pierce Paul went over the diseases with us and Ohio fields have them all. Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus carried by aphids, Septoria, Staganospora, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Wheat Spindle Streak now called Mosaic and we will sure have some wheat scab from rain on these flowering fields.

There are only two inspectors with more experience than me now and there used to be a room full of them.

I had a good day until I got almost home. I had a rear tire separate and had to call LuAnn to pick me up off US 68 and AAA hauled the Dakota to the Martinsville Mall. Jimmy was going to fix that tire Wednesday but I had meeting in Hillsboro. Now the tire is destroyed, probably was anyhow.

They sure don't make tires like they used to. This set only last 40,000 miles like the set they replaced. I need to buy them a year ahead and put them in the old barn to cure a year before mounting. These fresh casings just fall apart.

Yesterday a bearing went out on the big mower and neighbor Gary came to my rescue. I almost lost the tips of two fingers on that thing, it hurt so bad for a minute I thought I had but it was just a close call with 1000 lb piece of steel.

We went to a graduation party this evening and discovered we were related. Her grandpa's mother was a Winkle from Mowrystown. Grandpa and I had a good chat about the family.

All in all it was a good day as farmers were hitting the fields slowly and cautiously. Still lots of mud holes out there.


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