Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grandparents Day

Two of the grand daughters invited us to grandparents day Friday and Monday. Friday was a fiasco. Poor mommy had the third automobile breakdown in one week. Grandma saved the day but missed grandparents day.

Yesterday turned out better. So many grandparents showed up they had to unload more chairs in the auditorium. Everyone had a tasty donut and milk or juice or coffee. I even got to sit across my township trustee, a farmer I never see in that situation, sitting with his grandson.

We met a very nice lady who sat beside us who drove two and a half hours for grandparents day. It turned out her husband is well driller and I just had my second well quit pumping. With the years of no use of the wells I imagine silt plugged the bottom or a sand lense and now neither well will pump.

You can't get hold of my well driller, he never returns calls and I had called him for years when we first moved here. She said "Tom loves to talk and would be happy to help you with your problem." I am calling Tom today.

They marched us up stairs single file Indian style to her second grade classroom. Her teacher had them sing a grandparents song to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ballgame. They really sang well. The teacher used a powerpoint on one of those new electronic chalk boards.

Her cursive writing and spelling is really coming along! I think we still printed in second grade! We felt sorry for the little children with no grandparents so we made a big deal over them too and asked them about their paper. Two liked to camp, one like to fish and one liked to show pigs.

It felt good to be in the building that the school board built when I was on the board ten to twenty years ago. I remember hiring the principal and her teacher years ago and they both are doing a great job. You are the first people I told this too as yesterday was all about the children.

The Ohio FFA had a great convention in Columbus last weekend too. Fayetteville took lots of honors like eighth in the state in General Livestock Judging, one of my favorites. There are 360 FFA Chapters in Ohio. The team is composed of sophomore and juniors so I hope they can do even better the next two years.

It reminded me of when I taught at Blanchester where we visited yesterday and my team went to the top of the General Livestock Judging Contest and again when my three kids and our grand daughter's dad was on the team. Now he is assistant principle of the high school after teaching ag where I did for many years.

Our friend Drew Hastings was one of the speakers to the group of 6,000 people. Drew is the Republican candidate for Mayor of Hillsboro this fall.

Yesterday was a really good day, just like a year ago when we visited the Elementary School for the same reason. That group of kids have grown and learned so much in just one year.

I even got to mow some grass yesterday and got a lot of chores done on top of the special day.

Hope you had a special day, too.


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